Why Using Singapore Data Center

Google already has three data centers in Singapore while Meta is planning to open a US$ 1 billion data center on the island later this year as well. Digital Realty, which is known globally for their data centers, have also invested about US$ 1 billion to run three data centers in Singapore.

So, below the reason of why using Singapore Data Center:

  • Singapore is one of the top data center markets in the APAC. Lifting of the data center moratorium, digitalization, investment in 5G technology, rise in the use of social media, and increased adoption of renewable resources like solar are some of the major factors driving the Singapore data center market.
  • Singapore has around 40 operational colocation singapore data centers. The major colocation operators are Keppel Data Centres, Equinix, and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres. Most colocation data centers are being developed according to Tier III standards.
  • Singapore’s government provides free Trade Zones or economic areas that provide firms with beneficial customs and tax incentives. Some of the Free Trades Zones present in Singapore include Tanjong Pagar Terminal and Keppel Terminal, Sembawang Wharves, and more.
  • An increase in the adoption of renewable energy is witnessed in Singapore According to Energy Market Authority (EMA), Singapore’s total solar capacity stood at around 440 MW in Q1 2021. The Singapore Government aims to achieve a target of 2 GW by 2030.
  • Singapore is also witnessing growth in connectivity with submarine cables, connecting major locations worldwide. Singapore observed a rapid rise in connectivity and submarine cables. with 12 new submarine cables that are under construction

In January 2022, The Singapore government withdrew the moratorium imposed on data centers. The moratorium was initially imposed on 2019 due to the high energy consumption by the data centers. The Data Center and Cloud Region in Singapore has witnessed an increase in investment from major providers. One of the key factors relating to this is the strategic location and excellent connectivity.